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Read the CRU Customer Care Annual Report

We have published our 2023 Customer Care Annual Report. The CRU provides a free dispute resolution service to customers who have an unresolved complaint against an energy supplier, network operator or Uisce Éireann. The CRU also provides independent advice and information for customers about energy or water services, consumer rights, and supplier obligations. The CRU monitors the number of complaints and contacts involving energy suppliers and network operators. The report published today highlights the importance of carefully reading your bills and being aware of your consumer rights.

  • The CRU received 31,517 contacts from energy and water customers in 2023, a similar level to 2022.
  • ​​617 complex complaint investigations were opened, an increase of 71% from 2022.
  • 33% of complaints investigated (energy and water combined) were upheld in favour of the customer and 15% were closed by early settlement agreement.
  • Electricity account problems, government credit queries and billing issues drove the largest volume of contacts.  

The CRU is aware of the impact energy prices is having on households and businesses, particularly those that may already be struggling to pay their bills. The CRU has put, over the last several years, protections in place for energy customers and for those who qualify as vulnerable customers. The CRU continues to encourage customers that are having difficulty paying their bills to engage with their supplier. Suppliers are required to work out a manageable payment plan with customers who are experiencing difficulties.

It is also important that customers ensure they are on the best tariff for their needs and those who switch or renegotiate with their current supplier can still find the most savings available in the marketplace.


While overall contact levels were slightly higher in 2023, the number of contact cases created (10,324) was 17% lower, meaning that fewer individual customers contacted the CRU. Most contacts to the CRU were energy related and the key drivers of contacts in 2023 were the government electricity credit, billing and account problems.

The share of customer contacts for each of the seven largest suppliers was broadly in line with their market share, with only Flogas and Pinergy having slightly higher shares of customer contacts than their market share. In relation to network operators, contacts relating to ESB Networks were 28% higher in 2023 than in 2022.

In 2023, the CCT opened 580 complex complaints involving energy suppliers or energy network operators. The CRU also closed 344 complex complaints in energy, an increase of 42% on the previous year.

While the CRU acknowledges that providers have been experiencing increased numbers of contacts and complaints, it is important that providers investigate customer complaints fully, and try to resolve issues promptly before they are escalated to the CRU.


The CRU received 380 customer contacts in relation to Uisce Éireann in 2023, a similar level to 2022 (367 contacts). The CRU upheld 58% of the 26 complaints investigated in favour of the customer. Customers continued to report that Uisce Éireann failed to respond to their queries in a timely manner. Customers also reported being dissatisfied with their complaints process, with issues including customers not being kept updated with the status of their complaint.

Commenting on the report, CRU Director of Customer Policy and Protection Karen Trant, said: “2023 continued to show a high number of contacts from energy and water customers to the CRU’s Customer Care Team, driven by challenges of increased prices. The CRU would advise all customers to remain informed when it comes to their rights and to be aware of the recent price reductions the suppliers have available to ensure they are on the best tariff for their needs.”