The National Smart Metering Programme is a project to transform how our electricity and gas retail markets operate.

What are smart meters?

Smart Meters are the next generation of electricity or gas meter to replace older, mechanical meters. This new technology is being rolled out internationally and will bring benefits to Irish consumers, the economy and the environment.

These new meters will lead to the availability of smart services. These smart services will give consumers more choice and information, facilitate seamless switching of suppliers, and eliminate the need for meter readings.

Smart services will provide you with greater control of your energy, giving you information you need to make informed choices about your consumption, your energy supplier and the best tariff option for you.

What will Smart Meters mean for consumers?

The CRU has been undertaking the preparatory work for the introduction of Smart Meters in Ireland. As always, the interests of the consumer are at the heart of the work that the CRU undertakes.

Right now, every single house has a mechanical electricity meter. By 2024, these meters will all need to be replaced. The initial priority is to replace older meters, which are at the end of their life span. This replacement project will begin in 2018/19. Smart Meters will also be available to consumers if specially requested at this time. The aim of the programmer is to begin with an initial delivery of 250,000 meters in 2019-2020, and approximately 500,000 meters in each of the four subsequent years.

ESB Networks will deliver the roll-out with oversight by CRU and the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment. Industry participants including Gas Networks Ireland and energy suppliers are active participants in the project.

How will smart metering bring about benefits for the economy and environment?

Smart metering is a significant ‘once in a generation’ project that can encourage energy efficiency and support an increase in renewable power on the electricity system. Using smart meters will help how we manage peak energy demand, meaning lower overall costs for consumers. It will also enhance competition and improve consumer experience.

How much will a smart meter cost me?

There will be no upfront charge to the customer to have a meter installed.

Currently, energy infrastructure (meters, distribution lines, cabling, etc) are paid through the set charge that people see on their regular bills.

Are these meters safe?

Yes, they are safe.

The equipment will comply with all the requisite international standards.

ESB Networks will be installing them and they have a total commitment and an excellent record in safety.

Data Protection – what’s going to happen to my information?

In the same way that your networks protect your personal information now, this information will be protected in the future.

The CRU and ESB Networks will work closely with the Data Protection Commissioner to ensure the protection of personal information during this project.