Network Codes and Access

The CRU ensures that the operation of the Irish gas and electricity network is in line with European regulations and it is fit for purpose.

The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) is responsible for ensuring that the operation of the Irish gas and electricity networks is:

  • in line with European regulations.
  • fit for purpose in terms of system needs, efficiency, national policy and consumer interest.

We aim to do this in a fair, non-discriminatory way while promoting efficient use of the existing network. To achieve this we:

  • implement European Network Codes and Guidelines
  • set policy for the connection of customers, generators and interconnectors to the energy system
  • ensure that network companies comply with European requirements

Network Codes

European Network Codes or guidelines have been developed as part of the implementation of the Third Energy Package. They are sets of common rules throughout the European Union, which apply to one or more parts of the energy sector. As European Regulations, they apply directly to Ireland without being transposed into national laws or regulatory frameworks as Member States are obliged to implement the European Network Codes.

In the event that a Member State does not comply with a European Regulation, it can face infringement proceedings, which can involve very substantial fines.

The implementation of network codes in Ireland is undertaken in a coordinated way. Each network code goes through an extensive process before it is considered as fully implemented. This involves work and input from market participants, network companies, and regulators.

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