Response to First Mover Disadvantage Consultation - Property Industry Ireland (PII)

Water Connection Charging Policy 2023

The CRU has, on 19th of May 2023 published its decision and response papers on First Mover Disadvantage i.e., where a developer (any party either domestic or non-domestic) , pays UÉ for a connection extension and, subsequently, other developers make use of this connection extension without contributing to the cost that the original developer incurred for this connection i.e., the connection extension charge is not proportionally distributed between developers and one developer pays more than others for the same asset that they are sharing.

This decision follows a public consultation that set out proposed approaches for addressing First Mover Disadvantage. This decision paper sets out the approach the CRU decided to proceed with following consultation and its rationale for its decision. The consultation responses were informative to the CRU and have influenced the CRU’s final decision. The paper sets out the improvements that it decided to make as a direct result of the feedback received.

The response paper summarises comments the CRU received to the consultation and the CRU’s response to those comments. It also outlines how the responses have impacted on its decision and the rationale for it.

The above papers also make reference to the government’s temporary measure on refunds on standard connection charges for new residential developments. Please note that the CRU decision is a regulatory decision and is separate to the government’s initiative to provide refund on standard connections.

This decision will impact the following categories of customers:

  • Any party who wishes to fund a connection extension either for residential or commercial use.
  • Any party who wishes to make use of an existing connection extension funded by another developer.

Contact Name: Major Projects and Connections Team

Contact Email: watercustomers@cru.ie