Uisce Eireann SWI Implementation Plan Quarterly Report Q4 2022

Irish Water Revenue Control 3 (2020-2024) - Scottish Water International Review

The CRU has published Uisce Éireann’s Q4 2022 progress report concerning the implementation of the Scottish Water International (SWI) recommendations. Under the CRU’s RC3 decision (CRU20085), Uisce Éireann is required to fully implement all SWI recommendations. Uisce Éireann had been given until 31st December 2022 to apply all recommendations contained in the SWI implementation plan (CRU21134a) and has reported its progress to the CRU on a quarterly basis.

In the Q4 2022 progress report, Uisce Éireann has outlined all recommendations identified through the SWI Review have been fully implemented. In Q3’2022, the CRU will conduct a technical review of Uisce Éireann’s implementation in conjunction with external consultants.