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ECP-1 Decision

Electricity Connection Policy

The CRU has, on 17th May 2023, published a Call for Evidence (CRU202341) on Electricity Generation and System Services Connection Policy. Following the consultation process and decision, this new policy will replace the existing Enduring Connection Policy (ECP-2). This paper is calling for evidence on how new policy will help meet climate action targets whilst protecting the consumer. More specifically the aims of the new policy are:

  • Ensuring Security of Supply and the quality of supplies of electricity.
  • Providing certainty for future onshore electricity project development by setting out the rules for connection.
  • Supporting the delivery of Ireland’s renewable electricity targets, including Carbon Budget and Sectoral Emissions targets, by ensuring that connection policy facilitates regular rounds of connection offers for renewable electricity.
  • Ensuring that Article 16 of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) is implemented to align relevant grid-permitting timelines with the requirements specified in the Directive.
  • Promoting efficient and optimal use of existing grid infrastructure and development of future infrastructure to deliver value to the consumer.
  • Facilitating mini-generation, small-scale generation, and renewable energy communities.

In addition to requesting stakeholders’ feedback on the stated aims and inviting input on the development of new connection policy, this paper also:

  • Provides the background to the current Enduring Connection Policy (ECP) regime and how renewable electricity connections are facilitated.
  • Discusses Security of Supply and the quality of supplies of electricity.
  • Discusses the efficient use of infrastructure.
  • Discusses community-led projects and smaller-scale generation.

The purpose of this paper is to gather stakeholder feedback on the CRU’s aims for the new policy, as well as any other initial comments or thoughts that stakeholders might have on this topic which they believe might be useful for the CRU’s consideration. Responses to this paper will help inform the basis for future decisions being made by the CRU in relation to new connection policy.

All responses should be submitted by close of business on 23rd June 2023 to electricityconnectionpolicy@cru.ie