Compliance and Enforcement

Notice of Determination to Energia

Compliance Investigations

The CRU conducts investigations in line with the CRU Compliance and Enforcement Policy Statement (CRU/19134). Details of recent investigations are outlined in the documents below.

On 26 September 2022, the CRU issued a direction to ESB to undertake remedial action to prevent a re-occurrence of a contravention to its electricity generation licence.

The contravention involved a failure to submit cost-reflective commercial offer data for two generation units across a number of trading periods in August 2020. In relation to the issue which occurred at Moneypoint 1, this led to an overpayment to ESB of € 760,502.26. ESB has agreed to refund this amount.

The CRU is not satisfied by the information provided by ESB during this investigation that adequate remedial actions have been conducted to ensure similar issues do not arise. The CRU is directing ESB to arrange for an external audit to be conducted within nine months of the issuance of this direction.