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Fuel Mix Disclosure and Emissions 2020 - Information Paper

Fuel Mix and CO2 Emissions Disclosure

The CRU has published an information paper titled “Fuel Mix Disclosure and CO2 Emissions 2021”. This information paper sets out the 2021 fuel mix disclosure and CO2 emission intensities for suppliers licensed in Ireland and operating in the All-Island Single Electricity Market (SEM). It should be noted that the fuel mix of each supplier (outlined in this information paper) does not necessarily represent metered electricity generation in the All-Island SEM.

It is worth noting that where a supplier tariff refers to 100% green electricity, this relates to contractual support for renewables rather than the physical delivery of renewable electricity.

The CRU has also published an information paper called “Green Source Product Verification Report 2021”. This report presents information on the result of the annual verification process of an electricity supplier in Ireland offering “Green Source Products”. Additionally, it confirms that electricity suppliers who offered “Green Source Products” in 2021 had sufficient green attributes to cover their sales