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Decision Paper to approve Test Plan submitted by EirGrid under EU Regulation 20172196 Emergency and Restoration

EU Electricity Network Codes

The European Electricity Network Codes are a set of technical rules which aim at harmonising the EU internal electricity market. These codes are detailed documents that dictate EU wide standards and requirements covering power generation, demand, grid network operations and wholesale market participation. The implementation of these codes is required by all EU Member states over the next few years to enable electricity network operators, generators, suppliers and consumers to operate more effectively in the pan-European electricity market. This webpage contains the latest CRU updates, CRU Decisions and Consultations relating to the following Electricity Network Codes and Guidelines;

• Requirements for Generators (RfG) Code EU Regulation 2016/631

  • Demand Connection Code (DCC) EU Regulation 2016/1388

• High Voltage Direct Current Code (HVDC) EU Regulation 2016/1447

• System Operation Guideline (SOGL) EU Regulation 2017/1485

  • Emergency Restoration Code (ER) EU Regulation 2017/2196
  • Electricity Balancing Guidelines (EBGL) EU Regulation 2017/2195

On 14 December 2022, the CRU published a Decision Paper approving the submissions made by EirGrid in accordance with of Article 39(3) of the SOGL Network Code. This requires EirGrid as Transmission System Operator (TSO) to identify whether there is a need to define a minimum level of system inertia in conjunction with all TSOs within its synchronous area