EirGrid RES E Submission

Price Review 5 : Incentives

The CRU’s Regulatory Framework, Incentives and Reporting Decision Paper (CRU/20/154) set out the suite of incentives to apply to EirGrid and ESB Networks (collectively the ‘network companies’) over the Price Review Five (‘PR5’) period. The incentive mechanisms approved as part of PR5 attach financial rewards or penalties to specific measures of performance. The PR5 incentive framework acknowledges that the network companies have a crucial role to play in the successful meeting Ireland’s 2030 targets.

On 16 December 2022, the CRU published the 2022 Balanced Scorecard Information Paper. This paper sets out the approved balanced scorecard incentives in terms of the outputs and the assessment frameworks/criteria for 2022. This paper focusses on a subset of the overall PR5 incentive package and consist primarily of new balanced scorecard incentives