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CRU Consultation Paper on Transmission Development Plan 2021 - 2030

CRU Consultation on Transmission Development Plan (TDP) 2021 - 2030

The CRU has, on 11 April 2023, published EirGrid’s Draft Transmission Development Plan (TDP) 2023 – 2032, and CRU’s Consultation Paper on the Draft TDP 2023 – 2032.

EirGrid’s draft TDP is a plan for the development of the Irish electricity transmission network and interconnection over the ten-year period, 2023 to 2032. The TDP describes the TSO’s development planning process, discusses the drivers and assumptions underlying the plan, and outlines the TSO’s plans for transmission network development over the next ten years, including projects under construction. The TDP 2023 – 2032 has been prepared in accordance with Condition 8 of EirGrid’s TSO Licence and relevant Statutory and European requirements.

Following on from the consultation questions in 2022, CRU is interested in respondents’ views on whether EirGrid’s approach adequately presents the available information in a manner that gives a clear picture on electricity infrastructure development historically, and to the end of the ten-year plan. To that end, and to support the consultation process and the development of a robust TDP, the CRU has posed a series of consultation questions in Section 3 of the Consultation Paper that respondents may use as a basis for their review.

Comments on this consultation should be sent to Eileen Deegan at edeegan@cru.ie, by 17:00 Monday 23 May 2023.