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CRU20171f IWEA response

Greenlink Electricity Interconnector

The CRU has today, 30 September 2021, published its decision paper on the Cap and Floor regulatory framework for the Greenlink electricity interconnector (Greenlink) in Ireland. This paper sets out the CRU’s decision regarding the “Cap and Floor” regulatory framework for Greenlink in Ireland. It builds on earlier CRU decisions: (i) construction and operation of the Greenlink electricity interconnector would be in the public interest (CRU18216); and (ii) a Cap and Floor regulatory regime covering half the project’s costs and revenues would be the most appropriate regulatory treatment (CRU20171).  This paper presents the CRU’s decision under four categories: “Revenues”, “Performance”, “Costs” and “Financial”.Taken together they provide for how the regime will function and allocate risks associated with the project between the Greenlink and the Irish electricity customer over the project’s lifetime.