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DS3 SS Industry Forum Agenda

DS3 System Services Industry Workshop on Auction Design

To enable further Industry engagement and aid the development of DS3 System Services Auction Design , the Regulatory Authorities are holding an Industry Workshop on Mon 25th April in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dundalk. The Regulatory Authorities wish to discuss comments received from Industry on the proposed DS3 System Services Auction Design, and also provide an opportunity for Industry to present possible alternative proposals for DS3 System Services Auctions. To ensure a productive day the Regulatory Authorities wish to limit attendance to 1-2 individuals per organisation,  requesting that participants are willing to participate in constructive discussion  and (similar to ISEM working group rules) are expected to have the ability to provide an agreed or unified organisation position if required. It is proposed to offer time in the agenda to different sectors of potential System Service providers namely; • Conventional plant • Wind • Demand Side participants• New entrants • New TechnologiesThe draft agenda is included. Time will be allocated either to representative organisations or to individual participants where possible. Please contact Mo Cloonan mcloonan@cer.ie  and Lisa McCoubrey Lisa.McCoubrey@uregni.gov.uk  to register for the event and to request presentation time no later than 5.00 pm  on Wednesday 20th April 2016. All non-confidential responses received to the Industry consultation on DS3 System Services  Auction Design will be published on the new SEMC website; https://www.semcommittee.com/ . Please note to receive email notifications from the new SEMC website it may be necessary to re-register (if you had previously registered on the All-Island website), you can do so here https://semcommitte.us13.list-manage1.com/subscribe