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RoCoF Project Quarterly Report - Q1 2016

Rate of Change of Frequency (ROCOF) Modification to the Grid Code Reports

The CRU has, 2 July 2019, published an Information Paper, the Quarterly Update of the RoCoF Implementation Programme. As required by the CRU’s Decision paper (CER/14/081) generators are undertaking technical studies to confirm compliance with the new RoCoF standard. This new standard is required to maintain system security with a high penetration of wind. This paper provides an update on generators’ progress over Q1 and Q2 2019 as well as an update on the implementation projects being undertaken by ESB Networks, the Distribution System Operator, and EirGrid, the Transmission System Operator. A report will be published quarterly. For further information, please contact Harry Molloy at hmolloy@cru.ie.