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Audit of the TSO (EirGrid) ITC programme April 2014

ITC Audit Report 2014

The CER has today,11th April 2014, published an Independent Audit Report on EirGrids Incremental Transfer Capacity (ITC) Programme. In its Gate 3 Direction the CER provided for an audit to be carried out on the (Incremental Transfer Capability) ITC  programme used by EirGrid for scheduling firm access on the network. The purpose of the ITC programme is to determine the amount of extra electricity that the transmission system can accommodate from the proposed applicant’s facility without breaching thermal network limits. It identifies firm capacity available in the transmission system and allocates it to generators on a date-order basis.  The results of the ITC programme provide generators with important supplementary information to their Connection Offer specifically on their Firm Access Quantity (FAQ) and Associated Transmission Reinforcements (ATRs). The ITC model was re-ran in 2012 and the results of the independent audit of this model run are now being published.For further information, please contact Lisa Fahy at lfahy@cer.ie