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2004 Report

    ESBN Distribution Performance Report

    In May 2018, the CRU published its Decision on Reporting and Incentives Framework under PR4, CER/18/087. The Framework sets out twenty decisions for improving reporting and incentives arrangements, covering the totality of the activities undertaken by the TSO, TAO and DSO/DAO on behalf of current and future customers and market participants.   Decision twelve of CER/18/087 requires ESBN DSO to prepare and publish a summary report documenting how its activities and behaviours over the previous calendar year have delivered outputs relevant to the needs of customers, market participants and other stakeholders – This report is referred to as the DSO Annual Performance Report (APR).   This web page includes the DSO Annual Performance Reports since 2001, being the 2017 report the first one with the new format introduced by CER/18/087.   All reports from 2017 onwards (and until the end of the PR4 period) will be prepared in accordance with CER/18/087 and additional guidance that may be issued to ESBN by the CRU following the annual approval process. The DSO reports are subject to a consultation process with the final step being the CRU’s approval.