CRU's Role

The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) is Ireland's independent energy and water regulator. The CRU was originally established as the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) in 1999. The CER changed its name to the CRU in 2017 to better reflect the expanded powers and functions of the organisation.

The CRU has a wide range of economic, customer protection and safety responsibilities in energy and water.

The CRU’s mission is to protect the public interest in Water, Energy and Energy Safety. The work of the CRU impacts every Irish home and business, by ensuring safe, secure and sustainable energy and water supplies at a reasonable cost. The sectors we regulate underpin Irish economic competitiveness, investment and growth, while also contributing to our international obligations to address climate change.

The CRU’s vision is

  • Energy is supplied safely
  • Empowered and protected customers pay reasonable prices
  • A sustainable, reliable and efficient future for energy and water
  • A secure, low carbon future

An overview of the CRU’s key functions, delivered under guiding legislation, are:

  • Economic Regulation of Energy: Our aim is to protect the interests of energy customers, maintain security of supply, and to promote competition covering the generation and supply of electricity and supply of natural gas. As part of this role, the CRU jointly regulates the all-island wholesale Single Electricity Market (SEM) with its counterpart in Northern Ireland, the Utility Regulator. The SEM is governed by a decision-making body known as the SEM Committee, consisting of the CRU, the Utility Regulator and an independent member.
  • Economic Regulation of Water: The CRU is the economic regulator for the public water and wastewater sector in, covering the services provided by Irish Water. Our primary aim is to protect the interests of customers by monitoring the performance of Irish Water in delivering services and providing investment in water and wastewater infrastructure in a cost efficient manner.
  • Customer Complaints (Energy & Water): The CRU’s Customer Care team has an important role in customer protection by resolving complaints that customers have with energy companies and Irish Water.
  • Energy Safety Regulation: The CRU’s Energy Safety Division holds a key oversight role in protecting public safety and the prevention of major accidents in Ireland’s energy sector. The division is responsible for safety regulation of gas (networks, supply, storage, use and liquefied petroleum gas distribution), petroleum (upstream onshore and offshore exploration and extraction), gas installers and electrical contractors. The division discharges its functions through review and input into energy safety policy and legislative amendments; analysis of energy safety trends; conducting inspections, audits, incident and potential illegal gas/electrical works investigations; and taking enforcement action where warranted.