The mission of the CRU is to regulate water, energy and energy safety in the public interest.

We are the economic regulator for public water and wastewater services since 2014. These services are provided by Irish Water.

Am I an Irish Water Customer

If you are connected to the public water main network or public sewerage system then you are a customer of Irish Water.

Customer Protection

The CRU act in the interests of all public water customers to ensure that:

  • Water services are delivered in a safe, secure and sustainable manner
  • Irish Water provide economic and efficient delivery of public water and wastewater services
  • The interests of customers are protected.

The CRU achieve these goals by:

  • Monitoring Irish Water’s operations to ensure delivery of safe, secure and sustainable public water supplies
  • Monitoring Irish Water’s costs for providing public water and wastewater services
  • Requiring Irish Water to have Codes of Practice in place for how they deal with customers and ensuring that these are met
  • Approving and monitoring Irish Water’s terms and conditions of supply
  • Protecting customers and resolving disputes they have with Irish Water.