The mission of the CRU is to regulate water, energy and energy safety in the public interest.

Our safety role includes regulation of the supply, transmission, distribution, storage, and use of natural gas; registration of electrical and gas installers by the relevant bodies; and, regulation of those involved in oil and gas exploration and extraction activities.

We act in the safety interests of all energy customers to ensure that:

  • The risks associated with supply of electricity and natural gas are minimised
  • Public awareness of gas and electrical safety is promoted
  • Customers are aware that Electrical Contractors (RECs) and Registered Gas Installers (RGIs) must carry out Restricted Works and of the associated safety benefits.

We achieve these goals by:

  • Implementing the Natural Gas Safety Framework. This Framework ensures the safe operation of the natural gas pipework.
  • Having a coordinated gas emergency response in place.
  • Promoting awareness of gas and electrical safety through public awareness campaigns.
  • Regulating electrical contractors and gas installers in relation to safety through Registered Gas Installers of Ireland (RGII) and Safe Electric.
  • Enforcement actions against unregistered electrical contractors and gas installers
  • Implementing the Petroleum Safety Framework to ensure that life and property are protected when carrying out petroleum exploration and extraction.