Who we are

The CRU’s mission is to protect the public interest in Water, Energy and Energy Safety. The CRU is guided by four strategic priorities that sit alongside the core activities we undertake to deliver on the public interest.

These are:

• Deliver sustainable low-carbon solutions with well-regulated markets and networks

• Ensure compliance and accountability through best regulatory practice

• Develop effective communications to support customers and the regulatory process

• Foster and maintain a high-performance culture and organisation to achieveour vision

Our customers

The work of the CRU impacts every home and business in Ireland (our customers).


If you are affected by anything we do, or if you have reason to contact us, you are one of our customers.

Customers in Ireland (Island of)

This includes the public, energy providers (transmission and distribution) and suppliers, Irish Water, the Utility Regulator (NI), the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government and other government departments. It also includes third party service providers, other statutory bodies, local authorities and the media. We consult with non-governmental organisations, representatives of businesses, third-level colleges, and consultants (for example economic and engineering consultants).

International customers

We also interact regularly with some international organisations as customers including the EU Commission, ACER, CEER, and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Our staff We consider our staff as ‘internal customers’ and support and consult them about how we deliver our services.

Our staff

We consider our staff as ‘internal customers’ and support and consult them about how we deliver our services.

Our commitment to customers

The CRU is committed to carrying out all its functions in a fair, impartial, balanced and transparent manner.  Our aim is to provide a professional and efficient service to all stakeholders and act with integrity at all times.

The CRU is committed to providing a high quality, user-friendly and easily accessible service to our customers.

This Customer Charter sets out the standards of service that customers can expect when engaging with us. The Charter applies to services provided by the CRU only.

The CRU and its agents, ARISE, also operate a complaint resolution service for unresolved complaints by customers about their energy suppliers or network providers in energy and water. Any questions about this service or about your energy or water supplier should be sent to the Customer Care Team at customercare@cru.ie.

Information on this service is detailed in the Customer Care Customer Charter .


During the current Covid-19 pandemic, the work of the CRU has been designated by the Government as an essential service required to continue to protect the public interest in energy, energy safety and water.  In line with public health guidelines, the majority of CRU staff are working from home with limited attendance at the office.

The CRU continues to deliver on our business and statutory functions as normal and will respond to any queries as soon as possible.

Visitors to CRU’s offices

Visitors to the CRU’s offices will be made to feel welcome and will be treated with courtesy and respect.

Access to the CRU’s office is generally by appointment with a member of staff.

As part of our health and safety protocols, all visitors will be signed in by a member of staff on arrival and given a visitor’s badge. On departure, visitors will be signed out and return the visitor’s badge to a member of staff.

In the event that an enquiry is not relevant to the CRU, every effort will be made to direct the visitor  to a relevant body that can assist them.

Written Correspondence

The CRU’s postal address and standard email address format are included at the end of this Customer Charter. The CRU commits to the following:

  • We will acknowledge all written correspondence (e-mails and postal correspondence) within 5 working days of receipt.
  • We will comprehensively reply to correspondence within 15 working days, when possible. If there is going to be a delay beyond these 15 working days, we will send an interim reply explaining the position and providing an estimate of the response timeline.
  • If a customer provides their consent, we may contact them by telephone.
  • If a CRU staff member plans to be unavailable for more than 1 working day (for example due to annual leave), he/she will set-up an automatic “out of office” email reply facility. This facility will provide information on when the staff member will respond to the e-mail, and will include information on who to contact in the intervening period if the query is urgent.
  • We will ensure that all correspondence from the CRU (including e-mails) carries a contact name/team, telephone number and email address.
  • We will use courteous, clear and simple language in our correspondence and only use technical terms when necessary.
  • We will ensure that any correspondence received in Irish is answered in Irish (unless the response is an automatic e-mail “out of office” as above).

The CRU operates a general query email service for industry and public stakeholders who have generic information enquiries regarding the functions of the CRU at info@cru.ie.

Any questions relating to an unresolved complaint with an energy supplier or network provider in energy or water should be sent to the Customer Care Team at customercare@cru.ie.

CRU Website

The CRU publishes a wide range of information on its website targeted at the general public and professional organisations. This includes information on switching, safety and rights as well as industry-related information notes, newsletters, reports, policy consultations and decision papers at www.cru.ie.

We will:

  • Endeavour to keep our website up-to-date, easy-to-navigate and understand.
  • Provide information on our website in a format that is accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Produce comprehensive explanatory material/guidelines/public impact statements, as appropriate, to accompany key decisions or reports.

If you wish to provide any feedback on the content or our website, please email us at QCSofficer@cru.ie.

CRU Mailing Lists

The CRU maintains a mailing list for its website publications.  Where a user opts to subscribe, they will receive email alerts for website publications.

The CRU will:

  • Keep its mailing lists up to date, ensuring that customers are added or removed on request; and,
  • Ensure that all correspondence sent to the CRU mailing lists is clear, concise and appropriate to that particular mailing list.

We welcome feedback from our customers to our website, papers published and on the quality of the policy consultation service provided. Should you have any comments, these can be forwarded to the relevant person listed in the consultation paper or to qcsofficer@cru.ie

Telephone Callers

The CRU’s reception telephone number is +353 01 4000800. Our telephone line will be open between the hours of 9am and 1pm, and 2pm and 5:30pm, each working day from Monday to Friday. Calls received outside of these hours will be diverted to voicemail.

In addition, the CRU Customer Care Team can be contacted at the dedicated freefone number 1800 404 404 for queries or complaints that customers may have with their utility supplier or network provider in energy or water.

We will:

  • endeavour to answer all telephone calls personally, rather than using any electronic routing devices;
  • be courteous and identify ourselves over the phone;
  • be as helpful and informative as we can with telephone callers;
  • provide an email address where this is likely to be useful to the caller;
  • answer all telephone calls promptly when available. We will only divert calls to voicemail when the relevant staff member is engaged on another call or is absent and there is no other suitable person available to deal with the call;
  • have a voicemail facility set-up which will allow a caller to leave a message if a staff member is unavailable to answer a call.

If available, the staff member will respond to a voicemail message (by phone or in writing) within 1 working day*. If a CRU staff member plans to be unavailable for more than 1 working day (for example due to annual leave), he/she will provide details of this on his/her voicemail facility. The voicemail will include information on when the staff member expects to be in a position to answer the voicemail, as well as who to contact in the intervening period if the query is urgent.

*Please note, on occasion, there may be delays for reasons outside of the control of CRU staff, for example, limited access to phone due to technical or other issues.

Social Media

The CRU uses social media to:

  • build awareness of rights and increase use of services available to energy and water customers, and
  • increase awareness and understanding of the role and function of the CRU and deepen engagement with relevant stakeholders.

The CRU has a social media policy that sets out what information you can expect to receive and how we interact using these platforms. Content and any responses are posted by staff of the CRU and authorised third parties

We will respond to queries posted within 48 hours, were practicable.

If queries relate to complex policy information or technical details that cannot be answered in a short format, we may direct you to a document or page on our website or to contact a particular team in the CRU.