Gas Safety in your Home

What to do if you smell gas in your home and advice about gas safety in your home.

If you smell gas in your home

Natural gas customers

Call Gas Networks Ireland’s 24 Hour Emergency Service 1800 20 50 50 immediately.

Flogas and Calor gas customers

Call your emergency number
Flogas: +41 214 9800
Calor: +1 291 6229

If you cannot get through, call 999 / 112. Then, you should take these safety precautions.

  • Don’t smoke, vape or use a naked flame.
  • Don’t unplug or switch anything electrical on or off.
  • Don’t use a phone near the leak, call from outside or use a neighbour’s phone.
  • Check gas appliances are turned off and have not been left on and unlit.
  • Open windows and doors.
  • If the smell persists turn off the gas at the meter, the tank(s) or cylinder(s).

If you smell gas on the street

If you smell gas on the street, call 1800 20 50 50 immediately. Don't assume that someone else will.

Keep your gas appliances safe

Have your gas appliances serviced annually. It is recommended that all gas appliances are serviced annually in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you are worried that an appliance isn't safe or working properly you should organise for a Registered Gas Installer to make a safety inspection.

Find a Registered Gas Installer

Calor and Flogas customer home safety advice

Calor and Flogas customers can find further advice on their suppliers' websites about home safety.

Calor gas website

Flogas website

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