Published Date: 20 Apr 2017

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Corrib Production Safety Permit

On the 5 December 2018, the CRU issued Production Safety Permit SP 16 to:

•Shell E&P Ireland Limited

•Equinor Energy Ireland Limited;

•Vermilion Energy Ireland Limited; and

•Nephin Energy Limited

This permit came into force on 12 December and replaced the existing Production Safety Permit SP 01D.

The assessment and issuance of Production Safety Permits SP 01D and SP16 were undertaken as part of a two stage CRU process associated, in part, with the change of control of the Corrib production activity from Shell Energy Europe Limted to Vermillion Energy Ireland Limited. SP 01D took into account a material change to the previously accepted safety case that reflected the change of control. SP 16 takes into account the addition of a new petroleum undertaking to the Safety Permit.

The Safety Permits were issued under Section 13P of the Electricity Regulation Act 1999, as amended, in respect of the carrying on of certain designated petroleum activities related to production under or in connection with the Petroleum Lease granted pursuant to section 13 of the Petroleum and Other Minerals Development Act 1960, as amended, dated 15 November 2001, as amended and/or assigned from time to time; the consent granted pursuant to section 5 of the Continental Shelf Act 1968, as amended, dated 15 April 2002; and the consent granted pursuant to section 40 of the Gas Act 1976, as amended, dated 25 February 2011 and 29 December 2015.