Published Date: 02 Oct 2015

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NEMO Designation for Ireland and Northern Ireland (I-SEM)

NEMO Designation for Ireland and Northern Ireland

The Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) and the
Utility Regulator (UR), (together the Regulatory Authorities), today, 2 October
2015, publish their decision to designate EirGrid plc and SONI Ltd as NEMO for
I-SEM under Article 4 of the Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management
(CACM) Guidelines which entered into force on 14 August 2015.  

Further to
the Regulatory Authorities’ invitation for applications for NEMO designation,
one application was received from EirGrid plc for designation in Ireland and
from SONI Ltd for designation in Northern Ireland, with both companies
intending to work together to jointly deliver NEMO services for the I-SEM.
 The application was assessed on a cooperative basis by the Regulatory
Authorities against the NEMO designation criteria stated in Article 6 of

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