Published Date: 30 Sep 2022

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Irish Water’s Water Charges Plan

The CRU has today, 30 September 2022, published an updated version of Irish Water’s Water Charges Plan.

The Water Charges Plan outlines how Irish Water charges its customers for water supply and wastewater services. The approval of the Water Charges Plan by the CRU gives the power to Irish Water to charge its customers.

The Water Charges Plan has been amended by Irish Water to reflect the CRU decisions on the Enduring Charging Arrangements for public Group Water Schemes (‘pGWS’) and Irish Water’s Water and Wastewater Disconnection and Reconnection Policy.

This Water Charges Plan applies from 1st October 2022 and shall remain in effect until such date as it is superseded.

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CRU21102 Irish Waters Water Charges Plan (1 January 2021 - 30 September 2021)