Published Date: 09 Mar 2021

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Ireland Region Level 1 Locational Constraints for the 2024/25 T-3 Capacity Auction

The CRU is today, 9 March 2021, publishing letters which it issued to EirGrid and ESBN, directing them to give a grid connection offer to any applicant located in the Ireland Level 1 Locational Capacity Constraint Area, that is successful in the T-3 Capacity Auction for 2024/2025, taking into account certain requirements and considerations.

These letters are being issued by the CRU, having observed the results of the 2024/25 T-4 Capacity Auction, which indicate that the projected capacity requirement for the 2024/25 Capacity Year for the Ireland Level 1 Locational Capacity Constraint Area exceeds the capacity expected to be connected at that time.