Published Date: 26 Aug 2020

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Energy Communities and Active Consumers

The CRU is today, 26 August 2020 publishing two Calls for Evidence to request interested participant feedback on the topics of active consumers and energy communities.

The CRU is initiating the conversation with service providers, market participants and potential active consumers and energy communities through these Calls for Evidence to help formulate the developing regulatory framework in these areas.

The first Call for Evidence relates to the topic of active consumers and jointly acting active consumers. These are either individual energy consumers or groups of energy consumers located in the same area who may be interested in contributing to decarbonisation efforts through participating in an electricity activity.

The second Call for Evidence relates to Energy Communities which are considered as a group of energy consumers who may or may not be on the same premises and would like to participate in an electricity activity, such as renewable electricity generation.

Both Calls for Evidence provide a background on the legislative basis behind progressing these areas, and each paper raises a series of questions for which feedback is requested from interested participants.

It is requested that if a respondent wishes to respond to both papers that separate responses are provided for each of the Calls for Evidence. Submissions are requested to be sent to The Clean Energy Package Team at Feedback will be welcome until close of business 25 September 2020.

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CRU20098 Call for Evidence on Active Consumers and Jointly Acting Active Consumers under the Clean Energy Package