Published Date: 20 Oct 2022

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Electricity Costs Emergency Benefit II Scheme Guidance Document

The CRU has today, 20th October 2022 published a Guidance Document on the Electricity  Costs (Domestic Electricity Accounts) Emergency Measures and Miscellaneous  Provisions Act 2022. This Guidance Document sets out the responsibilities that the distribution system operator and licensed electricity suppliers are required to adhere to for a smooth roll-out of the emergency credit to customers, in areas such as communications, billing and reporting. The overall objective of this guidance document is to ensure that all eligible domestic electricity account holders receive the benefit of their credits by 30th June 2023, with as little obligations placed upon them as possible.

The CRU welcomes any feedback from suppliers regarding issues which may arise during the roll-out of the emergency credit and may issue updated guidance therein if required

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Sarah Mc CAuley and Jack Walsh
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CRU202227 Electricity Costs Emergency Benefit Scheme Guidance Document